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Stevens’ Realty & Management is the exclusive broker of timeshares available for sale.  The top portion of the list is units offered by current homeowners for sale.  The bottom portion is offered for sale by our Homeowners Association.



Unit-Week Color Points Listed Price (offers are accepted)
G2-02 R-28000 $1,500.00 F4-03 R-36000 $800.00
A5-05 R-36000 $4,500.00 C6-05 R-36000 $2,500.00
G5-05 R-36000 $1,500.00 D4-08 R-28000 $2,500.00
G5-10 W-28000 $1,000.00 D5-12 B-28000 $450.00
F5-15 B-28000 $2,400.00 G4-16 B-28000 $1,000.00
A1-17 B-28000 $1,000.00 B2-18 B-28000 $1,295.00
F3-20 W-36000 $1,500.00 F5-20 W-36000 $1,500.00
D2-21 W-36000 $1,500.00 D4-21 W-36000 $1,000.00
D2-22 R-36000 $2,000.00 B5-23 R-36000 $1,500.00
F4-23- R-36000 $1,200.00 G4-23 R-47500 $1,200.00
C3-24 R-47500 $1,500.00 C6-24 R-47500 $1,375.00
E5-25 R-47500 $2,000.00 F4-27 R-55500 $1,000.00
D1-29 R-55500 $2,500.00 B2-30 R-55500 $1,500.00
G1-30 R-55500 $3,500.00 B1-33 R47500 $1,000.00
A1-36 R-36000 $1,050.00 D2-36 R-36000 $1,500.00
E3-36 R-36000 $1,500.00 G5-38 W-36000 $1,000.00
G6-38 W-36000 $400.00 F2-41 R-36000 $1,300.00
A4-43 W-28000 $1,800.00 D5-43 W-28000 $1,100.00
B4-44 B-28000 $1,000.00 G4-47 B-47500 $1,100.00
G5-49 B-16500 $500.00 F1-51 R-47500 $700.00
F4-52 R-55500 $3,500.00


UNITS OFFERED BY Homeowners Association

A3-01 R-28000 A6-01 R-28000 A3-04 R-36000
G4-06 R-36000 A3-08 R-28000 A1-10 W-28000
A4-10  W-28000 A5-10 W-28000 A6-10 W-28000
C3-10 W-28000 C5-10 W-28000 C6-10 W-28000
D1-10 W-28000 E3-10 W-28000 E5-10 W-28000
E6-10 W-28000 G3-10 W-28000 G6-10 W-28000
A3-11 W-28000 A5-11 W-28000 B4-11 W-28000
C1-11 W-28000 C3-11 W-28000 C4-11 W-28000
D2-11 W-28000 E3-11 W-28000 C6-12 B-28000
D2-12 B-28000 D4-12 B-28000 D6-12 B-28000
B1-13 B-28000 B5-13 B-28000 D2-13 B-28000
D6-13  B-28000 E3-13 B-28000 D6-13 B-28000
F2-13 B-28000 F3-13 B-28000 A5-14 B-28000
C4-14 B-28000 E5-14 B-28000 E1-15 B-28000
E4-15 B-28000 D6-15 B-28000 G4-15 B-28000
D6-16 B-28000 D2-18 B-28000 A3-20 W-36000
B2-20 W-36000 C6-20 W-36000 C4-22 R-36000
D3-22 R-36000 D4-22 R-36000 G6-24 R-36000
E6-25 R-47500 A4-28 R-55500 B5-28 R-55500
E3-29 R-55500 D3-30 R-55500 F5-31 R-55500
F2-32 R-47500 F6-32 R-47500 A5-33 R-47500
C6-33 R-47500 E3-33 R-47500
G6-33 R-47500 E2-35 R-47500 F5-35 R-47500
G5-35 R-47500 G6-35 R-47500 G1-36 R-36000
G5-36 R-36000 A6-37 W-36000 B6-37 W-36000
D1-37 W-36000 D4-38 W-36000 G3-41 R-36000
C2-42 R-36000 E3-42 R-36000 G2-42 R-36000
A5-43 W-28000 E3-43 W-28000 F4-43 W-28000
G3-43 W-28000 G5-43 W-28000 B6-44 B-28000
C3-44 B-28000 D4-44 B-28000 E5-44 B-28000
G5-44 B-28000 D2-45 B-28000 D4-45 B-28000
D5-45 B-28000 E4-45 B-28000 F4-45 B-28000
C4-46 B-16500 D1-46 B-16500 D2-46 B-16500
D6-46 B-16500 E2-46 B-16500 E4-46 B-16500
G3-46 B-16500 B1-48 B-16500 C2-48 B-16500
C4-48 B-16500 C6-48 B-16500 D4-48 B-16500
E1-48 B-16500 F3-48 B-16500 F6-48 B-16500
G6-48 B-16500 A3-50 B-16500  


R numbers are 900.00 + 38.20  recording costs
W numbers are 650.00 + 38.20 recording costs
B numbers are  400.00 + 16.00 recording costs  
For more information on ANY units call:
 DEBBIE STEVENS 304-478-2141  EXTN 11
A local call from your unit, or email us at: drstevens@frontiernet.net


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